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How to Block Lotus Notes Sending Tagged Files

Hi All,

Just a basic questions. I am using Lotus Notes8.5.1/8.5.2

What do i need to do to make my Tagged Rules to work blocking my email applications from sending?

Global Application List and Application Definitions do i need to add or set anything?

I had enable modules the Agent Configurations -> Miscellaneous -> Lotus Notes Handler

I had my Protected Rules set as below:

Protected outgoing emails when the following conditions are met:

the email destination is any of: "External Email Destination'

the email contains information tagged or classified as any of: 'Block Email'

When this rule is applied perform the folllowing actions: Block (Online/Offline) and Monitor (Online/Offline), Severity

: High and Notify UserSmiley SadOnline/Offline), Message: Default fron Agent Configuration and Store Evidence (Online/Offline)

This rules is assigned in 'All Users'

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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