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Host DLP 9.2 PDF/Image protection rule by tag/location

Hi all !

I have a problem with Host DLP 9.2 PDF/Image Writers protection rule which I've added in order to prevent users printing sensitive files to a PDF printer.

The problem is thah this rule is applied to all files in the desktop, and the users cannot convert regular non sensitive files to PDF unless I disable the rule.

In fact I've created a shared folder definition (Registered repository) in addition to a location based tagging rule (tagging the same share) .

I need this rule to apply only to documents inside the target folder.

How can I do that please?

FYI, other protection rules (email,  prinitng, removable media ...) are working perfectly.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Host DLP 9.2 PDF/Image protection rule by tag/location

Sorry amine If you please can help me, you said that your protection rule for email is working perfectly so please if you can send to me the configuration starting from tagging to the end of the rule.

Thank you very much.

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