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Level 7

Help DLP

I install DLP 2.2 with EPO 4.0 but I can't config DLP prevent user print from a file in file server.
Another policy I config successfull.

please help me ?

Distribution Viet Nam.
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Level 13

RE: Help DLP

I thought DLP had its own web console rather than using the EPO console?
thats the way I read the product guide when I last read it anyway
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Level 10

RE: Help DLP

DLP has a snapin to ePO, it used to have its own console back in the day, maybe V1.7
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Level 21

RE: Help DLP

Can't as in can't find how to do it, or can't as in know how to do it but it does not take effect?

Can you explain more about what you're trying to achieve, what you've done, and the results?
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