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Hdlp 9.2 p1 upgrade a 9.2 p2

good afternoon

I want to comment on the problem I'm having

I had installed the 9.2p1 and actualize HDLP to P2

Perform all steps indicating the manual for an upgrade but after the upgrade I listed several errors

1 - Every time I login to DLP policies appears to translate 9.2.100 to 9.2.200 POLICIES, but tell them to turn out and log in again reappears me

2 - I also see that if I want to load a default policy agent

3 - when I want to test the connection of WCF I get an error that the user does not have permissions

Attached screenshot of the errors


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Re: Hdlp 9.2 p1 upgrade a 9.2 p2

I just want to confirmed your setup first.

1. You pretty much removed the Extension, Help Extenstion, and Agent out of EPO.  Then do a reinstall or pretty much upgrade what you have?

2. You uninstall Managment Tools from your Program List?

3. Then you log back into EPO and click onPolicy or Monitor and it will reinstall the Managment Tools?

Steps you can try...

1. Uninstall the Manamgent Tools and also the MS Visual C whatever that came with the Management Tools

2. Log back to EPO and Click on Monitor and Management Tools and it should reinstall everything

3. When you go to Policy tab make sure Compatibility is set to None

Number 2 of you question - Have you deploy the agent to the customer?

Number 3 - hopefully above fix error

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Re: Hdlp 9.2 p1 upgrade a 9.2 p2

Correct the WCF issue. Ensure that the ID that you used to login to the machine is part of the Web Access Authorized Group (defined during WCF install).

After correcting the issue, convert the policy and Apply the policy to ePO. That should resolve your issue.

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