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HDLP in a cluster environment

I have installed HDLP 3.0 with ePO Server 4.5 clustered. Sometimes I requested help to McAfee support to solve some problems in HDLP (WCF services), but them said that "HDLP is not supported by McAfee in a cluster environment".

But I did not see any documents that said it.

I would like to know when HDLP will support installation on cluster environment, or if is there any official article explain it.?

ePO Server 4.5 + HDLP 3.0(MS cluster)

60k VSE 8.7 +P3 clients

10k HDLP clients

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Re: HDLP in a cluster environment


You right, currently no documentation about cluster support.

But I already installed 7 clusters of ePO 4.5 with HDLP9.

All what you need to do is install WCF on each node with installation folder on local drive (C: for example) and create "Generic Service" resource for this service.

No architectural changes between HDLP 3 and 9, so this method must works for version 3 also.


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Re: HDLP in a cluster environment

Yes - we did install in clustered environment and it works. Officially there is no documentation available.

- Amiya

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Re: HDLP in a cluster environment

For Evidence Multiple Collection you can use different DLP agent configuration file based on your location users.

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Re: HDLP in a cluster environment

Dear All,

I am planning to deploy that scenario soon at one of my customers, does that mean if I encountered some problems the McAfee HDLP support will not support because that scenario is not supported ?


Mostafa Soliman

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