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HDLP 9.3.4, hang/lockup while saving Office documents to Novell network drives

On the off chance, anyone has seen something similar,  I'm seeing a fraction of a few hundred hosts that were upgraded from 9.3.2  to 9.3.400.60 ... experiencing an issue.  The failure pattern involves saving Office documents (pptx,  xls confirmed) to a network drive.  These endpoints have a mix of Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 (IR3)  and IR10 on them.    Same client on was no problem,  the issue only arose after 9.3.400.60. 

Oddly,  totally uninstalling and reinstalling 9.3.400.60 seems to fix it (but boy is it a real pain in the /dev/null with the attendant 2 reboots necessary).

A user will go to save the office doc to the shared drive, the progress bar will get to the end ... and then things hang.    And the computer has to be hard booted at that point.   Ugly.

On a possibly related note (but appears to be a red herring) we also encountered the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8  issue of access protection barking about the Microsoft redistributable this thing comes with. 

McAfee KnowledgeBase - When installing DLPE 9.x from ePO, VSE blocks certain packages which fail to ...   I've got VSE and DLP tickets open on this and the DLP folks are saying the product is installed correctly per the diagnostic tool.

Anyone with insights on this would be appreciated.  I haven't found a definitive root cause, but reinstalls seem to help in most cases.   We  are getting complaints in this realm on about 1% of deployed hosts.

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Re: HDLP 9.3.4, hang/lockup while saving Office documents to Novell network drives

So the last 2 weeks has been a blast.   Okay, maybe not.

Word to the wise:  if you're an environment that uses Novell's modern file sharing with the Novell client for network share access, I'm pretty sure  you don't want DLP 9.3.4.

The installer fighting with VSE Access protection turned out to be a red herring when we had clean installsof 9.3.4  exhibiting the same symptoms.  We rolled back to the prior version we were on to make the issue go away.

I've been busy enough responding to users wondering why their machines were locking up while saving Office docs to the Novell shared drives that I haven't yet opened the ticket to report this to McAfee.  Who'll probably tell me "we don't support Novell" ..   "well you sure as hell break the hell out of it, which is still different than not supporting file inspection aspects on the network drives."    It'd be helpful if the issue weren't a bit intermittent and challenging to reproduce on a test host. 

Wish me luck removing 9.3.4 off a boatload of hosts tonight.

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