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HDLP 9.2 Protection rule..

Hi guys

Does HDLP 9.2 can block websites on the system? Is it  possible by creating network communication protection rule? I'm using epo 4.6 with HDLP 9.2.

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Re: HDLP 9.2 Protection rule..

No, you cannot block a website.

1. The network communcation protection rule blocks internet access for application when in a certain context (ip source/destination, port source/destination and files being accesed on the disk) and doesn't have access to application layer information (URL)

2. The web post protection rule blocks the POST action which allows you to upload content (files and text on web forms) on the internet in the HTTP REQUEST Cycle

I recommend doing this using a web gateway/proxy (saas or on premises). If you really need it on the endpoint, you have SiteAdvisor with URL Filtering.


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