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HDLP 9.1 Require Justification - weird.

Hi friends,

I'm currently evaluating HDLP 9.1 (device control only) with epo 4.5 patch 4 and mcafee agent

The problem is, I'm able to require a business justification when someone tries to copy any file to a removable device, but copying starts before the justification response and if i wait until copy to complete and remove usb device without responding to justification window, the file stays in the usb, and then i can cancel the justification question.

So I have a file on my usb stick without supplying and business justification and can open it on another system.

Is there any way to prevent this? (To force copy function to wait until justification response has been given).

By the way, operating system is Windows XP Pro SP3.

Kind regards,

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