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Level 7

Floppy Block Does not Work IN DLP

Hi !

My DLP is Up And Running

Everything Works Except FLOPPY Disks

I Created Rule For Them And Selected Two Items Related to Floppy Drives (Floppy Disk Controller and .) And All File System Types (FAT16, FAT32,..)  And All Cable Types (IDE, USB,..)

Floppy disks are in Managed Status

Everything is right i think

But Floppy Disk Of User Is Still Accessible (his usb abd cd are blocked)

One of My Reseans to Buy DLP is Block Floppy Disks

Please Help me ! if there is any mistake i've done

and please tell me the steps to block floppy disk if i missed anything


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Level 7

Floppy Block Does not Work IN DLP

Mcafee Support is Awuful

Such an expensive software and this weak support for a simple problem

i am realy sorry i bought that

i even mailed mcafee support and they did not even answer me

i think intel has made a big mistake

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Level 9

Floppy Block Does not Work IN DLP

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