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Error after executing query on DLP 9.4


After executing scheduled query ePO gives the following error: "Email File was unsuccessful due to an unknown error. com.mcafee.orion.core.template.db.exception.ExecuteTransactionException: SQUID column UDLP_IncidentsQueriesView.TotalContentSize threw an exception when reading values from the result set "

If you perform a query manually, and then try to export the following errors occur:

  1. If choose to send by email. mail - "Unable to export to email (DLP Events [1 month]), because an unexpected error occurred."
  2. If select "View or save by clicking on the link" preparation of the exported file is executed indefinitely.

With the exclusion of the "total content size" column query or a certain period of time, the error does not occur.

ePO 5.3.1 (188)


No one is met with a similar problem, please show me the solution?

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