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Encrypted USB devices exclusions by SN not work


We found  interesting issue with DLP 9.2.100 and Windows XP with standard user logged.

Allowed by SN encrypted pendrives are blocked. This not happen with admin privileges.

After  analyze we found that parent USB device (encrypted devices in most cases consist of three devices - one parent usb mass  storage device, and two child: CD-ROM and encrypted removable disk) is mounted with strange Device ID, which is not recognized by DLP as having SN.

For example:

correct  recognition(under admin):


wrong (under user):


This happens only on XP and cause DLP to block allowed devices when used by normal users.

I'm writing this because maybe somebody came with this issue and manage to solve this. What I want to point out (and everyone should agree) adding admin rights to every user is not a solution. Also I understand that this is not a DLP issue, but maybe somebody have a clue how to solve it.


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