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Easier method to whitelist/allow a USB device


I would like to go into DLP Incident Manager>Incident List, identify a device (in this scenario, a USB stick) and easily add it to a whitelist from that page, or from within the Incident ID page.

One of the reasons for wanting to do this, is so that I can gather up all the company-approved USB sticks, plug them into a test system running DLP, so that I can see them all in a list and approve them before I roll out DLP across our organisation.

My current method is to grab (copy/paste) device information from each incident ID, go into DLP Policy Manager, then add each device manually to my USB rule.  This is a lot of work.  I should be able to see an event list and whitelist directly.

Can a quicker/easier method be created in DLP please?


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McAfee Employee nyeshoda
McAfee Employee
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Re: Easier method to whitelist/allow a USB device

There might not be the very comfortable way of adding or creating a device policy. But using the below option you can achive some automation.

1. Open In the incident manager.
2. Select the Incident type as option in the left pane.
3. Select the Removable media or device incident type.
4. In the right pane. Select the option "Select all in the page".
5. Click on Actions -> Export device information to csv".
6. Go back to "DLP Policy Manager".
7. Go to Definitions.
8. Select option to import the device information to create device templates.

This is the only other way to create a device template. 

You may need to raise the PER for other option which you need.create in


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Re: Easier method to whitelist/allow a USB device

Thank you for your reply nyeshoda.

I'll try the method you mentioned, but I'll also submit the idea through the link you provided.

Thanks again!

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