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Double email notifications

Hi !

I am testing the Prevention appliance to catch up emails that use confidential content  and it works fine, but i am facing a weird behaviour that i cant  figure out... DLP Prevent sends two notification emails at the same time to the email sender.  Is it something that i miss here ?

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Level 11

Re: Double email notifications


What software version do you have installed on your Prevent appliance? Can you also confirm that you configured Prevent and the MTA as per the product documentation?

If you can please post a sample header from the duplicated Prevent notifications so we can advise further.

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Level 12

Re: Double email notifications

I will frequently see duplicate rules.  If you have two rules matching on the same thing, even if the rules themselves are somewhat different, you can have two emails sent.  If you look for incidents for the original email are there two?

I will also see duplicate incidents if a Email Gateway is not excluded in the Monitor capture filters (if that is in use).  We don't need to see an incident once from the Prevent and once from the Monitor.

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