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Device Definition Import Functionality missing in Device Control 9.4.x?


I was looking around Device Control 9.4.100 (DLPe) today I was unable to identify where the 'Import' functionality has gone for Device Definitions.

In Device Control 9.3.500 this functionality is located:

Device Definitions > Plug & Play Device Definitions > Device Serial Number > Import

(can be used for more than just Serial Numbers)

From my experience this functionality was often used by administrators to import lists of device serial numbers which they would then whitelist from their DLP policies/rules as trusted devices.

However with this functionality no longer available in the latest version of DLP/Device Control, the migration to this platform could be very tedious indeed, especially if they are maintaining a list of several hundred 'trusted' devices..

Can anyone shed some light on where/why this functionality has gone?

Or if there is an alternative method for importing device information into definitions in DLP/Device Control 9.4.x?

Thanks in advance,


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