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Device Control 9.3 upgrade query

Due to an impending ePolicy Orchestrator upgrade (currently on 4.6.8, moving to 5.3.1), need to upgrade elements of DLP from to a minimum of

I've downloaded the latest DLP 9.3 with Patch 5 files, but documentation on upgrade process isn't as clear as it could be.

I am aware I need to at the very least update the extensions in ePO, but it doesn't seem clear to me on what exactly to do.

It also doesn't help that the section regarding backup prior to starting suggests saving the agent configuration & computer assignment groups, but when I attempt to do so (via Menu, Policy, Policy Catalog) on viewing the policy I get a message that it is in read only mode, and the "save to file" option is greyed out.

At present my main concern is upgrading the extensions within ePO to allow for the ePO upgrade to be done, I'm not intending to imminently push out the new client to our network (approx. 3000 PCs).

The main ZIP file I downloaded, when you burrow down, has two ZIP files, one is, which appears to be the DLP client for PCs, and which appears to be the extensions, help files etc. (this is contrary to what the install guide says).

Can someone summarise the actual steps to follow please, since the documentation seems so poor.

I'm guessing...

1: Backup policy (via Menu, Data Protection, DLP Policy, and do Save off the file menu)

2: Import

3: logoff ePO and logon again (checking status of event parser)

4: If necessary, restore policy backed up in step 1.

5: when ready, import so clients can be upgraded and/or new client devices get latest version.

thanks in advance

Matt W.

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