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Determining the first to open encrypted USB

Hello eveyone. 


I am working with 9.2 and DLP 10.0.3.  Also running on all managed systems is Entrust Security.  when we use DLP to encrypt a USB key, say a Data Traveler, it encrypts fine.  When we then take that encrypted key and attempt to use it on another device it first askss for the Entrust recovery, and if we cancel that it then asks for the Password supplied by the user. 

My question is, how can we have the User supplied Password be requested prior to the Entrust recovery password.  There will be times when the USB Key will be connected to systems that do not have Entrust and we would like to offer the User Supplied Key as first option. 

In the policies I know we can select either one or the other or even both, but there is no option that I can see that will allow for a priority preference.

Thanks for any and all suggestions / advice.

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