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Detecting Hardware Key Loggers


First time poster so be gentle.

Does McAfee have anything that can detect either USB or PS2 Hardware key loggers?

Have Device Control out there but from what i understand the hardware key loggers do not change the ID of a USB keyboard so impossible to block.

Anyone have a solution for this?

Many Thanks


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Re: Detecting Hardware Key Loggers

I don't think there is a solution, apart from a tempest box.

the beauty of hardware key loggers is they are invisible to the hardware, I guess you might be able to infer their existence by the minute amount of power they consume, or some tiny change in the timing of the hard communication signals, but from software running on the OS, I don't see how their presence could be detected.

Trojans and hardware alterations are pretty much impossible to defend against until we have a full trusted computing platform, something which is still a long way off unfortunately.

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