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Level 9

DLPe 9.3.200 exclude folders

can somone help me how to ecxlude folders in DLPe 9.3.200 from discovery scan.... am looking for the syntax is it regex or enviroment variable and how....... for example:

i have tried to exclude   c:\documents and settings\%user%\local settings\temporary internet files\

and it's not working

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Level 7

Re: DLPe 9.3.200 exclude folders

^ +1

the same for me ... right now I'm trying to exclude some folders from rules, but it's not working for me ...

I've tried to add part of folder strucure as file name and allow partial match, but it's not working

So - isn't there an approach to realize this ?

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Level 13

Re: DLPe 9.3.200 exclude folders

For user profiles you would use %USERPROFILE% and as an example %USERPROFILE%\Documents.

The environment variables must be accepted by the OS. Cross check the variable in the "RUN" section of the OS before adding to DLPe.

Regular folder structures may be used as well.

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