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DLP with blackberrys


We have 3 types of blackberry and having locked down the dlp using the Vendor ID 18D1 and USB composite Device and the class, only the ne w BES10 devices charge.  How can i get all blackberrys to charge but be completely blocked.

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Re: DLP with blackberrys

There is not a way to control whether a device can charge or not. It depends on a variety of factors like Device Driver, Device Firmware, how the Device identifies itself to the OS, whether the Device supports a Charge Only mode etc.

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Re: DLP with blackberrys

Is your Blackberry storage in MTP mode or Network mode?

I played around with BB OS 10 a while back and if it is set to MTP mode, from 9.3 p1 can handle it.

Removable storage protection rules enhancement

Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) support has been added to removable storage protection rules. MTP is a

protocol for transferring media files and associated metadata between portable devices or between

portable devices and computers. MTP devices are not traditional removable devices because the device

implements the file system, not the computer the device is connected to.

The feature supports all removable storage protection rule actions except Encrypt. Protection rules with

the Encrypt action fall back to Block, and files are placed in the quarantine folder. Only USB connections

are currently supported.

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