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DLP upgrade


We are planning for upgrade of DLP from 9.3 to 9.4.1.

I am following the steps provided in product guide. Anybody faced any issue or any advise would like to share to perform this upgrade, please don't hesitate.

In taking backup of policies and DB backup, the post upgrade steps that to be followed, please advise.


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Re: DLP upgrade

Hi kmmoorthy,

There is no "upgrade" process.  DLPe 9.3.x and 9.4.x run independently (separate policies, etc) in ePO.  This KB helps explain

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Level 9

Re: DLP upgrade

There's also an extremely helpful Youtube video(search McAfee DLP 9.4 and it'll be labeled McAfee DLP 9.4 patch 1 - Policy Conversion) that was put out by Intel to cover the migration of policies from one version to the next. The video was helpful because it showed someone doing the update and that you'll need to know your license number and default storage location. Also by default all of the policies will be disabled in 9.4.1

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