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Level 7

DLP release code

Dear All,

I have some questions about the release code feature of HDLP.

1- How can I generate a release code for a user to override that ?

2-Is the release code is one for all or time based -available to unlock all releases for 5 minutes- or per case ?

3-Is there any feature where the DLP administrator can't create a release code for himself ?

4-Is there anyway where the administrator can view the action that need to be overriden before give the user the release code ?


Mostafa Soliman

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Level 9

DLP release code


1) open the DLP Policy. In the menu-bar under "tools" you will find to create a releascode.

2) the release-code is generated via "challenge-response". It is only valid for the requesting client.

Please take attention that the release code will completely bypass the DLP Agent for the defined time.

3) no. the DLP admin can create a release code for himself. but it will be reported to the log, as normal.

4) you can configure in the dlp policy if you want to inform a user, when a device is blocked. in this message the user has the option to "request" the release-code.



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