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Level 7

DLP policies manager integration to ePO

Hi ! Im having a problem configuring a DLP solution . I have already installed hdlp to connect manager with ePO console.

My problem is that cannot enforce a DLP policy to restrict copying data from a file to clipboard but instead i can enforce usb policy. Before the installation of  hdlp i have installed hdlp A popup message box  demanted to remove DLP management tools and i did , which is further uninstall hdlp I want to ask if it is a license problem or some missing configuration.

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Level 21

Re: DLP policies manager integration to ePO

Moved from Home Products provisionally to Business > DLP for better attention.

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Level 10

Re: DLP policies manager integration to ePO

Is this the RTS release of 9.3 patch-1 ?

If so, you'll need to contact support, if only because they'll need to know if this is a product bug before RTW

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