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DLP not applying device rules correctly

Hi everyone

I am having a problem getting DLP to properly lock out USB Drives.

I have 2 rules defined

1) Full Access - Any Removable Storage Device is allowed and has Read Write permission for Domain Admins

2) Approved Devices - Approved Devices are allowed with RW but everything else is set to Read Only for Domain Users.

My issue is that for the Domain users, all devices (approved or not approved) are being set to read only.

Anyone else run into a similar issue? Is there something else that needs to be specified in order to get this work properly?

Thanks in advance

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Level 7

Re: DLP not applying device rules correctly

I figured out the policy must of been corrupt. I restored the policy from a back up (old one). Added the allowed devices, changed the most restrictive rule to apply to "Everyone".

Pushed out the policy and everything seems to be working.

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