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DLP crashing on Citrix with Silverlight?


we are having some really strange problems with DLP - it is:

1. crashing and restarting (after running a webpage we have over 5 little DLP icons you always have in the lower right corner. Putting mouse over them makes those icons disappear, and you are left only with one.

2. the content on the webpage that runs Silverlight is laggy and sometimes takes 20 seconds to react

3. The same webpage works perfectly in IE8/IE9 when we do not have DLP and Citrix

4. We cannot test without DLP on Citrix due to company security policy

5. IIS is running on Windows 2008 R2

6. IE8/IE9 runs on Windows 7

7. We have a silverlight component that connects to a server running on the same machine as IIS

8. Silverlight component is embedded into Salesforce

9. Salesforce without Silverlight is running just fine and DLP is behaving normally and no delays.

Has anyone experienced this before?



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Re: DLP crashing on Citrix with Silverlight?

What version of Host DLP are you using?

Is the Silverlight process such that you can add it to the 'Trusted Applications' group?

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