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DLP blocking devices when offline.

Why does DLP block devices when a pc / laptop are not connected to the network. I unplugged my pc from the network, rebooted and logged back in and tested a USB flash drive. It was still blocking it even though it was not plugged into the network. I would think it wouldn't block the device since its not plugged into the network in turn would not recieve any DLP policies. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: DLP blocking devices when offline.

When hDLP/DCM is deployed to a host, the policies remain local to that device.  It only needs to be plugged into the network to get updates or run client tasks.  If you want to bypass it, you'll have to have the unlock code or have it removed all together.

Protection is supposed to remain there, even when it can't reach the server. 

Hope this helps...

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