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DLP Status Pending Reboot

hii all, i have issue with DLP Device Control.

In my ePO console, i have a  lots DLP status " Pending Reboot ". i use DLP Agent 9.3 Patch 1.

I  tired to reboot that PC over and over again, but the status is no changing, i try to wake up agent and in PC i try to collect and sent props.

what should i do to resolve this issue.

thanks a lot

2 Replies

Re: DLP Status Pending Reboot

Did you also run the DLP MA Reporting Server Task?

Re: DLP Status Pending Reboot

I've done that too, but still not change.

i think it's bug in OS win 8 but i found asame condition in another OS (win xp and win 7).

can you help me to solve this problem?