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DLP Protection Rules 9.3 - DVD/CD - Monitor file names burned

This is a carry over conversation from the below post. All I want to be able to do is monitor all file names that are being burned to DVD/CD

and link to instructions of how to set up the rule to monitoring file names with in DVD/CD

I am trying to set up this rule, but the problem is I don't have any content tags or content categories as mentioned in step 2 of the above post.

Do I need to set up a rule that tags all files going onto DVD/CD before I can monitor all the file names being burned off the network ?

I can easily do this with USB devices, I am not sure why this process is a lot different for DVD/CDs


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Re: DLP Protection Rules 9.3 - DVD/CD - Monitor file names burned

Am i right in assuming that I have to create tags for all the different extensions, EXE, XML, DOC, etc.. have the tags applied to them then I can monitoring what is tagged going to DVD/CD ?

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