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DLP Policy 9.3 and Applying a Rule

I have a device rule to block unapproved USB devices. I also have an exception list.

I upgraded to DLP 9.3 a few months ago and this is the first time since the upgrade that I have had to add an exception. I add it to the rule, save, and apply, same as before, but the new USB device is still blocked- it is as if I didn't create an exception for it.

The existing exceptions work fine. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise. I have tried adding the exception again but I get an error that it is a duplicate entry. I have tried the same thing with another USB device. It is still blocked as well.

In the DLP Incident Manager, the blocked USB event shows the Rule Set Name and the modification date as several months ago.

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Re: DLP Policy 9.3 and Applying a Rule


could you provide some pictures from the exception you have added?

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