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DLP - Not Receiving Notification Messages

I am running DLP 10.0 on ePO 5.3.  We have DLP to block all removable media and CD/DVD drives, using the default McAfee options.  It works, testing with a CD will return an access denied, but it will not show the notification messages (that display for a couple seconds) in the bottom right, in the endpoint DLP section, nor in ePO.  I was given a "fix" from a vendor to go in Device Manager and disable/enable the CD/DVD drive.  When I do this, I get an immediate notification messages - in all three places.  If I attempt to access the CD again, remove it and put in another one, there's no notification message.  Each time I disable/enable the CD/DVD drive, notification messages appear.  This is not a reliable method to log people that may be attempting to access the drives, it prevents them, but it doesn't tell me that they attempted it.

If I plug in a USB, I'll get an immediate notification message in all three locations.

Has anyone had issues with this?  Have any ideas? 


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