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DLP Monitor DLP 9


I've installed DLP 9 on EPO 4.5 few days ago and I'm having a problem with the DLP Monitor. I can only see admin event, I have not client event like the agent installation or the monitoring I made in my DLP policy rule. The WCF service seems to be ok, the web page to test the service is woking fine. I don't know what to check to make the monitoring work..

I have few clients using DLP and I made 1 rule to monitaor all USB activities, on the client I can see the DLP pop-up but nothing is shown on the DLP monitor page. I saw there were few issues with the monitoring on DLP 3, but it should work with dlp 9 right ? How can I check that the parser is ok ?

Any help is welcome

Message was edited by: lucas209 on 11/23/10 6:19:22 AM CST
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