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DLP Issue

Hi All,

We delployed mcafee to our entriprise but the DLP has creating lot of issues.  Its not properly communicating to the EPO server  so each and every day the non-compaliance has increasing because of this.

But when we checking manually DLP was perfect but in EPO it shown as non-  compliance. Can anybody suggest an soluation for this.


Karthick V

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Level 12

Re: DLP Issue

Are you talking about host-based DLP  ("McAfee DLP Endpoint"") on a workstation or server,   or is this a network DLP appliance such as NDLP Prevent or NDLP Monitor?

If  you're talking about DLP Endpoint,  is this your first McAfee product?         Is it possible you installed DLP Endpoint somehow without installing the McAfee Agent software?  

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