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DLP Incident Manager - Blank

Hi Guys,

My DLP incident manager is blank, no events are log.

When we did the POC there were lots of events.

I have done many things to trigger the rules and its still blank.

Its ePO 5.1 and DLP Host 9.3. The clients are running 9.3.400.60.

When I look in the Database statistics on the DLP Policy,  Ise number of events in the last hour 6, last day 22.

It's just not showing up in the console.

We did move our SQL DB from SQL 2008 remote to local SQL 2012.

appreciate the help

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Level 12

Re: DLP Incident Manager - Blank

When you say you triggered events, did you get the popup locally on the machine?

Does your rule have the option "monitor" checked?  If not, it won't send an event to EPO.

The statistics could be for administrative or incident events. 

Are you filtering your view in the incident manager screen?  Does your user have the appropriate rights to view the events tied to the system tree?

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Level 7

Re: DLP Incident Manager - Blank

Sorted, it was my tags they were in a group and i did not realise that they were an and statment

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