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DLP - Evidence in Monitor and Reports

We have recently installed DLP 2.2 and ePO 4.0 onto our network.

I've setup a removable storage protection rule to monitor any files copied onto a set of usb sticks and record the evidence. This is working fine but I need to create a report that shows who copied the file from what computer, and also displays the filename.

I have been using the filters in DLP Monitor to list the user and computer but I cannot see how to list the filename. I can see it under evidence in the details pane but need to list them in a column so I can export to a spreadsheet.

Has anyone done this before? and if so could you please point me in the right direction as I'm going round in circles at the moment trying to find a solution.
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Level 7

DLP Reports

In DLP 2, reports about events created using MS SQL Reporting Services.
Browse to http://servername/reports and dig into.
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