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DLP, EEFF Performance and Sd-cards

Hi everybody,

i've set up a testing scenario with DLP 9.1 and EEFF 4.0 .

I have some troubles with the product - it's killing my nerves...

Hope someone has an idea how to fix it..

1. Make all removable Storage read only

    I used the default "all removeable storage" device definition to make all removeable storage read only. this works fine until you test it with sd-cards....

    The EEFF can make them read only without any problems...

   I have the idea to triggert the device defintion on the file system instead ot the bus-type but is this the correct way ?

      Edit: Also this trick to trigger just on the file system doesn*t work for sd-cards...

2. Performance

I've tested the Performance of my configuration. Nothing really special in it , just blocking some devices and make removable storage read only..

HIPS is deactivted and VSE  8.8 is configured.

Copy-Job to network share.

I have copied a folder with 1809 files in , size about 232 MB look at the times it's horrible...

The Times are Seconds..

Setup                                                                                                         Test1               TEst2               Average

Win 7 x64 DLP  + EEFF + VSE + HIPS 125124124,5
Win7 X64 DLP + VSE + HIPS126128127
Win7 x64 VSE + HIPS343434

Desktop-Computer with XP and 

Sophos / Symantec

Without Sophos / Symantec 343534,5
Mcafee on XP Desktop all Products827478
XP Desktop DLP+ VSE+ HIPS706668
XP Desktop VSE + HIPS524146,5

Also the boot-time is terrible long on the xp-client with DLP and EEFF installed..

Any hints ?

thank you

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