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DLP Discover Scans getting stuck


We have DLP Discover servers that are scanning a few selected repositories.

These repositories are CIFS remediation servers. When we enable the scan it shows the estimates files to scan as 10000, but the scans always get stuck at 150.

There is no scan error or details emerged when performing the scan. Also, if we disable and re-enable the scans it gets stuck at the same number 150.

We did enable debug logging but don't seems to find any crucial information over there.

1) Is there a way to understand how each process of DLP works? Is there a troubleshooting tool for DLP Discover scan works? I don't see detailed information from the product guide.

2) Anyone familiar with this error "Failed to start process DSCRAWLER.EXE. Error 233: No process is on the other end of the pipe" ?

3) Similar to the above machine we have another section of repositories where scans just instantly fail. No scan errors, No estimated number of files shown. All values are displayed as 0.


If anyone could assist it would be greatful.


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