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DLP Deployment document and procedure

We are going to deploy DLP and encryption for all Laptop users in our company.We need how deploy DLP and which all need to bloked for corporate team.

Please help.

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Re: DLP Deployment document and procedure

Hi there,

You can find the documentation here:

You may need username and password

What ports to be blocked and what policies to be applied depends on your organization and business requirements. There is no document which explains the policies and procedures for a particular department, business function or role.



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Re: DLP Deployment document and procedure


Here is a McAfee Data Loss Prevention Best Practices Guide.

May be it is will be useful for you.

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Re: DLP Deployment document and procedure

Easy indian is right on the point.

Data classification is an integral part of DLP/Encryption and it differs from organization to organization. If you have a information or privacy team within the organization, they might help you in understanding the data protection/encryption needs of your organization.

When you use your grant number to download the product, you can also get the documentation or go to and serach for dlp documentation.

- Amiya

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