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Level 7

DLP Capabilty


I am New to DLP.

Wanted the machines in the network online/offline to stop leak via following manners.

1. Via Web

2. Via Email

3. Via Device Control

4. Printing

5.  and Print-screen

6. Files on File server

Evaluated the Complete Data Protection Advanced Suite (CDA) Product.The features of the product are as below;

Provides the core features of endpoint encryption along with DLP Endpoint, Device Control and ePO Deep Command for out-of-band management. CDA includes DLP Endpoint, Device Control, Drive Encryption, File & Removable Media Protection, Management of Native Encryption and ePO Deep Command. Management: ePolicy Orchestrator.

I managed to handle only option 3 i.e Device control.Be it for USB or plug and Play etc.All works well.

Tried to follow the documentation,but couldn't make out if how can prevent a particular file to be send over MS-Outlook or via some leaking it via Web etc.

Would expect some expert suggestions on this.Is the product is enough to handle my requirements?

Snapshot (agent comnfiguration) of the EPO attached.



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