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DLP Agent uninstall

Hi folks,

Does anybody know the syntax needed to perform a silent uninstall of the DLP agent. I want to include it in our script we run to re-install all McAfee products on PC's that have "problems" but I can't quite figure out which switches I need to use.

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Level 7

Re: DLP Agent uninstall

Did you ever get this figured out?  I'm the only ePO admin and I want to allow our helpdesk to remove out needing me or much else (a passcode, for example).  So I'm trying to accomplish the same thing.

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Level 9

Re: DLP Agent uninstall

Page 33 of the install guide.  Here is the list of msi command line switches,

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Level 10

Re: DLP Agent uninstall

I first had to extract the contents of the agent package DLPAgentInstaller.x86.exe from command line c:\DLPAgentInstaller.x86.exe /extract C:\temp

Then I copied the files to a share that everyone had read access.

Then used msiexec /x \\Server\Share\DLPAgentInstaller.msi /qn /promptrestart

qn = quiet no UI

promptrestart did not prompt to restart, but I put it in just incase.

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