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DLP 9.4 location tagging UNC with @

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me. My client have cloud sharepoint. When I've added sharepoint as web application, all downloaded files are tagged and it works OK.

Problem is, that most users have sharepoint mapped as network drive. Our goal is to tag all files on that drive with endpoint discovery.

When I try to add tagging criteria for location (Classification>Definitions>Network Share )and I add unc as:


I can add that UNC, but when I try to save it I get message: Enter a valid Network Shared Folder.

Normally when network share path is incorrect I get that info when I click "Add" button, but in that case message shows when I'm trying to save definition.

Did anyone had this problem? Any solution?

I've tried to use %40 for @ in UNC, but no luck. I could add mapped drive by letter, but there is no option for that (and I can understand this).

I will be very grateful for any help

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