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DLP 9.4 Policies not updating at endpoint


We're trying to update DLP policies to groups of users at a time.

We've added tags to the appropriate machines.

We've created a query that looks for said tags

We've created a server task to use the query then assign the new policy. Freq - 1hour

The problem is that this does not appear to work.

The DLP policies are for Web and USB protection so far with the only action being to record the incident for the incident manager reporting

One work around is that we have to first reboot the machine then either push or wait for a Wake-up agent task to run.

This is not the best result as we a re a 24/7 business with multiple sites and organizing reboots is not a 5 minute exercise more like weeks

Does anyone know why a reboot is required? Or how to change a policy without a reboot on an endpoint

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Re: DLP 9.4 Policies not updating at endpoint

Ola xmclej,

Sinceramente não deu para entender o que exatamente o senhor está tentando fazer. Mas respondendo algumas perguntas:

Does anyone know why a reboot is required?

Sempre quando você atualizar a versão do DLP, principalmente se for 9.3 para 9.4 é necessário sempre fazer a reinicialização.

Caso você estava usando a versão 9.3 e quer migrar para versão 9.4, a Intel Security recomenda que você mova as versões anteriores.

Gostaria que me fala-se mais sobre o seu problema.

Até mais, 

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