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DLP 9.4 / Blocking iPhone/iPods / Windows 10


we use ePO 5.3.1 and DLP Client-side: Windows 10 (1511)

We block removable storages, android phones, windows phones and even cows, but blocking iPhones (iPhone6) does not work.

I'm getting confused.

I tried nearly all possible definitions (PNP rules and also removable storage rules and MTP rules):

- Device Class equals "Windows portable Devices"


- USB (VID/PID) equals "05ac"

or by name etc. etc.

... but the device does not get blocked, while the incident says: it's getting blocked:


My desktop says:

My goal is to block the access (for direct USB-connection file access) but without stopping charging.
Also iTunes access should be blocked.

Anyone of you has a solution/best practice?
Clairvoyance is also appreciated.



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Re: DLP 9.4 / Blocking iPhone/iPods / Windows 10

It's an issue...

I opened up a support case - got a little angry, because I couln't find any hint/info regarding this issue in the KB or anywhere else.

Cost me about 6 hours research and thinking of beeing my fault/misconfiguration.

McAfee's Answer (not working):

Tier 3 confirms the condition reported is due to a known issue with 9.4.1.  It will be resolved in 9.4.200 (patch 2).

Update 01.06.2016:

Issue still exists. McAfee is escalating to tier 2.

Anyone else has problems blocking iDevices with DLP 9.4?

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Re: DLP 9.4 / Blocking iPhone/iPods / Windows 10

I have the same issue with DLP 10 Patch 2. Any Luck or do you have any work around

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