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DLP 9.3: cannot update the whitelist


Since a power outage, i cannot add USB sticks on my white list in DLP.

When I enter all the parameters and apply the rules, everything seems to be ok but the devices are still blocked.

It seems there is no more communication between the server where it's installed and the server with the DBs. I don't receive notification email neither (and I'm supposed to...)

Can you help me please, the situation is coming critical

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McAfee Employee

Re: DLP 9.3: cannot update the whitelist

If you were having a server/DB connection issue you should see problems with EPO in general and not only with DLP.  It sounds more like your client systems are not communicating with EPO to get the policy update.  You can verify by checking the policy revision ID of your policy on the EPO server and the policy revision ID that the client system has.  You can find this by selecting the system in the system tree and going to the products tab and selecting DLP.  Towards the bottom of the page under the 'DLP Policy' section it will state the policy revision ID that the system has reported the system is currently using to EPO.  Also ensure that the last communication timestamp on the client systems are updating.

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