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DLP ,9.3.5 export policies to use DLP 9.4.x


My client has an epo 5.1.1 with a DLP 9.3.5 installed and deployed for specific used.

I have for mission do upgrade the solution to DLP 9.4 but i have seens that importing the policies will failed in 9.4, is there a tool for export DLP 9.3.5 policies and which could be the steps to migrate the policies, incidents and all events before installing the 9.4 version ?


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Re: DLP ,9.3.5 export policies to use DLP 9.4.x

There is a "server task" named "DLP Policy Conversion".  This is supposed to convert your 9.3 policy to 9.4 since the format has changed.


Re: DLP ,9.3.5 export policies to use DLP 9.4.x

Thanks for your answer,

Did you already test this because the client environment is a production environment so we can't do test easily.

I will check in the console to verify,


Re: DLP ,9.3.5 export policies to use DLP 9.4.x

Running the conversion task doesn't have any affect on existing 9.3 configuration/policy. It will simply convert existing 9.3 policy into 9.4. 9.3 & 9.4 are completely separate, what you do in 9.4 doesn't affect 9.3 and the reverse is also true.

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