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Level 7

DLP 9.3.2

I am trying to migrate policies from a Websense DLP to the McAfee solution.

At present all the rules are looking up CSV file extracts of customer databases and looking for matches.

I've managed to register the CSV files in the DLP Manager but there seems to be no way to reference the CSV files in a rule so I'm struggling a bit with how the system is going to check emails for containing customer records.

Does anyone else use rules to reference a CSV extract like this?

The extract contains FirstName, Surname, Policy Number and Date of Birth. I need to create rules that can find a match to selections of these such as Policy Number, Surname, DoB

Any help would be appreciated as the rule creation here doesn't appear to be as logical as in websense although it looks to be more flexible in many way assuming you know the right steps to construct the rule in the first place.



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