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Level 9

DLP 9.2 P2

Goodnight my dlp upgrade to Patch 2, perform all the steps to uninstall the WCF, make a backup of the policies and configuration of the agents. But I have a problem to re-enter the DLP policy I get an error.

Settings unavailable agents.

Loading a default configuration agents

And I want to keep politics out some other error message and does not save

Failed to apply policy to Epo

Exception information:

Objects does not  match  target type

If I can give a help


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Level 7

Re: DLP 9.2 P2

Please confirm,

Are you seeing the same problem while trying from a remote workstation but also from the ePO server initiated session?  I'm having the same problem but only when I try to apply DLP policies from my computer.  If I try the same on the server (remote desktop) then problem is not reproduced.

Same DLP version


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