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DLP 9.1 Mirgration Tool -> Incomplete migration of DLP 2.2 events into DLP monitor?

We've recently upgraded from DLP 2.0 to 9. 1 on ePO 4.0.  Since our 3000+ clients are still using DLP 2.2 Patch 2 (, we enable this backwards compatibility during the upgrade.  We've only installed the agent on 3 machines for testing.  I ran the migration tool against our legacy DLP 2.x event collector database to bring the old events into the new monitor.  It took a while to run since it was bringing over events from 2008 when we first moved to DLP, but when finished, there's a large chunk of data missing between August 2009 and March of 2011 for all DLP 2.2 Agent events.  The tool says it completed successfully, but where is this data?  Can it be brought over into ePO?

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