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DLP on ePO 4.5 Patch 4 failing to enforce policy

Hi All,

I have two on going issues and I do not know if they are related or not. I am not sure at this point how long this has been going on for.

1, FCAG.exe not starting on machines.

For some reason fcag does not start on boot up. The other DLP processes do. If we run the facg.exe it starts and behaves as normal.

2, Policies not enforcing on machines.

For some reason the machine is picking up the machine name as the username and not the logge don user. For example, if I look in the computer properties in ePO under DLP it states :

For this example John = User, domain = ABC, Machine = PROOF

Username shows as


shoudl show as


In my case 'John' is a priv user but as DLP is not seeing this as the logged on user the rights are not takign effect.

We are seeing this on around 1000 machines. Several thousand are working ok. Same OS, Same build, Same policy, same products.... really odd.

Is it related?

Help !


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Re: DLP on ePO 4.5 Patch 4 failing to enforce policy

I have heard about the two issues before. Your only option is to install the most recent version.

You could also try opening a ticket with McAfee Support and hear their take on this.

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