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DLP 9.0 problem with PDF and Email Protection


Im new with DLP and ive configured my initial policies. Several of those policies are working but i cant seem to monitor or block PDFs via Application File Access Protection Rule(Monitor), Email Protection rule (Block) and Removable storage protection Rule (Block)..THough i can monitor and block MS Office files like excel, docs, ppt,etc.

Im attaching my exported policies for your reference.

Also, i've tried escalating via Chat Session in service portal and all i get is the engineer saying that he is not trained on that specific product. (i did this 4 times) and will be escalating the case to someone who is trained for DLP. And waiting for someone from support to contact me can take a reaaaaally long time. That is why im posting it here.

Anyone please help! Thanks in advance.

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Level 11

Re: DLP 9.0 problem with PDF and Email Protection

Can you confirm if pdf files are protected in any way...??? If that's the case - DLP can't read into protected files.

- Amiya Bisoi

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