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Creating Network DLP Concept with expressions

Hello dear friends!

Can you help me to modify next Concepts. I have been added new concept to detect IIN ( Individual identification number).

Combination of 12 numbers. For example, 870103300941, where is 87/01/03 Date of Birth, 3 - gender and age,


Meaning of 12 figures of IIN

Consists of 4 parts:

First - six figures: two last figures of the year of birth, month and date of birth.

Second – one figure: gender of the person and age of his birth (for instance, man who was born the previous age will have code figure 3, representative of fair sex who was born this age will have code figure 6).

Third – four figures: sequence number of registration in the system.

Fourth – one figure: for control.







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Re: Creating Network DLP Concept with expressions

But this expression do not working correctly.

How I need to correct if now this expressions finding incidents in any digits, with any length.

But I need just length with 12 digits.

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Re: Creating Network DLP Concept with expressions

Try creating a simple rule first.




That should work for what you want.

When that work tweak the part 1 to accomodate YYMMDD pattern.

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