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Configuration HDLP

Hi !

I would like to ask a question about HDLP configuration console. The question is , after installing netdlp can i configure HDLP , or it is not possible ? Should i configure HDLP first before installing netdlp ? Is there any way  to do it afterwords ? Because after netdlp installation and completion of manager integration to ePO, i do not have access to agent configuration toolbar. Im new to this .. if anyone can help ..

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Re: Configuration HDLP

Yes you can configure the NDLP after configuration of HDLP or vice versa, and also the integration is also possible after the NDLP setup to epo. You just need to check in the NDLP reports packages to epo.

Integartion of NDLP to epo will give you only passive monitoring, you won't be able to action (policy change etc.) from epo console.

Hope it helps


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